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Google Ads Search Certification Question and Answers

Three Core Principles, Focused On Helping Businesses Reach Their Online Potential, Are The Foundation For Google Ads. The First Of These Is Relevance. Google Ads Connects Businesses With The Right People At The Right Time. Upon Which Other Principles Was Google Ads Built? – Majanto

Options and tracking Profit and privacy Credits and context Control and results

Google Ads Was Designed To Deliver Three Things To Every Advertiser: Relevance, Control, And Results. It Provides Relevance By Connecting Advertisers With The Right People At The Right Time. It Provides Results By Charging Only When You Get A Click. How Does Google Ads Provide Control? – Majanto

By giving advertisers control over the number of specific actions their spend will return By giving advertisers control over which competitors they place ads in auctions against By giving advertisers control over the next highest bid allowed in auctions they enter By giving advertisers control over the maximum they spend per month.

Hank Wants To Use A “Maximize Conversions” Campaign With The Performance Planner. Which Recommendation Can Be Provided To Hank By The Performance Planner? – Majanto

Recommended campaign bid scaling A recommended Campaign-level Target CPA (cost-per-acquisition) A recommended average daily budget A recommended Campaign-level Target ROAS (return-on-ad-spend)

Helen’s Heating And Air (HHA) Wants To Encourage Interest In Their New Smart Refrigerators. They Know That WidgetCo Also Sells Smart Refrigerators. HHA’s Marketing Manager Creates The Broad Match Keyword “Refrigerator,” And Adds “WidgetCo” As A Negative Keyword. Which Two Searches May Prompt The Ad? (Choose Two.) – Majanto

WidgetCo customer support Refrigerator reviews WidgetCo Smart refrigerator reviews Energy-efficient fridge WidgetCo refrigerator installation

How Does Automating Your Bid Contribute To A Successful Google Ads Campaign? – Majanto

Automated bidding’s algorithms integrate a minimum number of signals to evaluate user intent. Automated bidding uses machine learning to algorithmically help you set the appropriate bid for each and every auction. The customer journey has become more direct, so setting bids should be based on general user behavior. Cross-referencing data with context to establish intent and set the appropriate… Read More »