Which two actions influence the EIGRP route selection process? (Choose two.)

By | November 19, 2022

  • A. The advertised distance is calculated by a downstream neighbor to inform the local router of the bandwidth on the link.
  • B. The router calculates the feasible distance of all paths to the destination route.
  • C. The router must use the advertised distance as the metric for any given route.
  • D. The router calculates the best backup path to the destination route and assigns it as the feasible successor.
  • E. The router calculates the reported distance by multiplying the delay on the exiting interface by 256.
Answer: Option B, D.

The reported distance (or advertised distance) is the cost from the neighbor to the destination. It is calculated from the router advertising the route to the network. For example in the topology below, suppose router A & B are exchanging their routing tables for the first time. Router B says “Hey, the best metric (cost) from me to IOWA is 50 and the metric from you to IOWA is 90” and advertises it to router A. Router A considers the first metric (50) as the Advertised distance.
The second metric (90), which is from NEVADA to IOWA (through IDAHO), is called the Feasible distance.
The reported distance is calculated in the same way of calculating the metric. By default (K1 = 1, K2 = 0, K3 = 1, K4 = 0, K5 = 0), the metric is calculated as follows:
Feasible successor is the backup route. To be a feasible successor, the route must have an Advertised distance (AD) less than the Feasible distance (FD) of the current successor route.
Feasible distance (FD): The sum of the AD plus the cost between the local router and the next-hop router. The router must calculate the FD of all paths to choose the best path to put into the routing table.
Note: Although the new CCNA exam does not have EIGRP topic but you should learn the basic knowledge of this routing protocol.

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