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Jamie Wants To Focus On Selling Her Overstocked Blue Saucepans. She Sets Up Keywords Using A Broad-Match Modifier. What Are Two Ways The Broad-Match Modifier Makes Jamie’s Work Easier? (Choose Two.) – Majanto

She doesn’t have to think of all the related saucepan keywords. She can explicitly choose keywords to ignore. Her ad will only show for “blue saucepans.” She can easily select the color she wants to focus on. She can choose the exact searches her keywords will match.

A Water-Sports Company Specializes In Custom-Made Watercrafts And Accessories.Their Marketing Manager Decides To Use The Broad-Match Keyword, “Boat.” The Manager Then Adds “Paddle” As A Broad-Match Modifier. Which Two Searches May Prompt The Marketing Manager’s Ad? (Choose Two.) – Majanto

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